Thursday, September 28th


Football Party with the People
GB vs Chi

Time: 7 pm – end of game
Location: Belmont Tavern

Catch the game MKECW-style (with cocktails, duh) in this Sports-Bar-Meets-Cocktail-Lounge setting! Belmont Tavern will be airing the game and offering up cocktail specials & touchdown shots. Presented by Plymouth Gin, Jameson Caskmates, Lillet, Suze, Smooth Ambler, and Lot 40.


Milk Stand 3000

Time: 10 pm – close
Location: Phoenix Cocktail Club

Milk Stand 3000 is an extraterrestrial Soda Jerk Parlor Bar that has time traveled to Milwaukee in the year 2017 for one night only to serve you cocktails from another planet in the year 3000. Featuring bartenders from Phoenix and Jazz Estate.